“Genesis”, the "Beginning"; a call to the roots of the brand. 

It's the idea of creating something from scratch and making it completely your own.

From colours, to the fabric, down to the fit & feel;, Cut & Sew was always in the back of our minds and a dream for us to one day explore. 

For two years are built the business' foundation on creating a community through the products we put out as well as creating "commercial" design that would invite people from all walks of life to experience and enjoy the brand. 

But this was never the end goal, it was only the first step. 

To conceptualise a design, render it, sample it, tweak it, fit it, sample it again, fit it, then produce it; that's what we always wanted to do. 

Our brand wasn't founded on our love for "commercial" design, it was founded on the interest of wearable garments that fit both the practical aspects of your life as well as living a full life in your wardrobe.

"Genesis" was the first step we took to actualise that goal from the beginning and start again, but this time standing on our own two feet.