About us

"Just like the road that connects us, so too should the clothes that we wear."

We take honour in believing that as much as we consume clothing, we are all fundementally the same. Irrespective of what we wear and how we wear it, we are all connected. 

Starting at the beginning of 2020, we started with a small following of friends and family. Small runs of clothing, strictly pre-orders and trying to navigate our way however we felt was right. We found love in clothing that goes deeper than what's printed on the garments and how big the logos were. We fell in love with telling a story.

That story is what we pride ourselves on, being able to create a connection between our customers and us, we just so happened to have chosen clothing as our medium.

The brand believes in wearable garments; where quality is not compromised, and you feel like it belongs in your wardrobe.

From those who started with us from day one, thank you for believing; and to those who are just finding out about us now, we hope you can join us on this journey. 

With love,

Asphalt & Co.